Hi, I'm Lisa! I'm a lover of life, nature, animals, art and this beautiful earth we call home. Nature is the ultimate source of inspiration; it influences how I live my life and how I work as a graphic designer and communications professional.
Just as how nature is designed to perfect itself over time to better suit a purpose (leaves for photosynthesis or a seashell for structural integrity, say), I'm a firm believer in following the principle of "form follows function." In this approach, design is rooted in problem-solving and puts the user and the goals first. I focus on creating solutions in the field of communications whether it be by creating compelling design, eye-catching quality graphics, websites, marketing strategies, or crafting messaging to convey a brand's voice. 
My skills and experience cover graphic design across digital and print media including experience in the CPG/retail space, packaging design, branding, illustration, product photography and web design. Recently I've been taking coursework in Digital Marketing at UC San Diego to further expand my skill set and better inform my strategy process across the digital landscape.
Those who've worked with me note my positive, can-do attitude and steadfast commitment to finding solutions that fulfill my clients' needs and beyond.
I am passionate about partnering with businesses and individuals who make a difference in bettering our world and improving life for all earth's inhabitants. To support and encourage these connections, I offer a discounted rate for non-profits. If your organization is up to something great, please get in touch, I'd love to hear what you're up to and how I can help!
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