A class project for Brand Strategy & Positioning class at UCSD Extension in Spring 2022. The project was completed with 2 other students and completed over the course of the 9-week class. We were tasked with creating a full branding & positioning plan which included primary and secondary research, examining the competitive landscape via a competition model and blue ocean strategy map, creating a persona, a customer journey and story arc, and a positioning statement. 
We chose to re-position the existing fast fashion brand Forever 21 retailer to better align with the increasing demand for sustainability among Gen Z and Millennial consumers. In our rebrand, we dropped the "21" and instead adopted a down-to-earth, more worn version of the logotype to signal the brand shift toward including a clothing swap program and encouraging clothing recycling among friends and communities.
I created the copy and all the visual design assets to go along with our project and final class presentation.
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